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About us

GEM-DER ‘’Güney Entegrasyon Manavgat” is a club founded in 2015.
GEM-DER wants to help its members living a carefree and relaxed life in Turkey. This includes finding solutions for all kinds of everyday life problems and promoting social contacts.

Our Mission

A short summary of our services. For a full overview please click “HERE“.

  1. GEM Dernek helps you with:
    • All ikamet, visa and passport matters
    • Advice and information on buying real estate
    • Advice and help with buying and registering cars
  2. GEM-Dernek also provides help with:
    • Paying bills and taxes
    • Getting a bank account
    • Finding craftsmen and controlling their work
  3. GEM-Dernek wants to promote the social coexistence of the members, with events like:
    • Trips
    • Hike
    • Short trips


A friendly and motivated team helps you with all your questions.


We try to process your request as soon as possible.


Thanks to our professional support you will get help as quickly as possible.
Assume social responsibility.

Our Services

Visits of museums, exhibitions and organisations of all kinds

A lot of our members would like to visit museums, archeological sites, exhibitions and festivals of all kinds.

Inheritance matters and cases of death

We support you and your relatives with all questions regarding inheritance in Turkey.

Passport matters

We assist you with all necessary issues at your consulate.


You are allowed to stay in Turkey for 90 days (not 3 months) within a 180-day period.

Electricity, water, telephone and internet

Normally it is unproblematic for foreigners to register water, electricity, telephone and internet.


You want to open a bank account in Turkey? No problem.

Dealing with public authorities and offices

If you have problems with Turkish public authorities or offices, just describe your situation and we will try our best to help you.

Contracts and powers of attorney

If you want to grant someone a power of attorney or make a contract in Turkish, we assist you with translations and notary authentication of your documents.


To gain better insight into different areas of Turkish lives we want to offer or members courses.

Our Vision

Petra Ottmann


Feel free to write us or visit us in our office.

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I was born in Bochum (Germany) in 1955 and completed secondary school in Wattenscheid by passing the university entrance diploma. Even in my younger days I was very committed to social activities like organizing and accompanying leisure trips for children and teenagers.

In 1974 I started studying special pedagogy with focus on learning and behavioral disorders at the pedagogical university in Dortmund. After finishing my clerkship at a special school in Bochum and my second state examination in 1981, I started working at a special needs school in Bielefeld and moved to the town of Herford.