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Güngör Karaca and Petra Ottmann met each other in 2007 during the foundation process of the town twinning between Herford in West Germany and Manavgat, where they both held a major role.
At that time Güngör Karaca was a counselor in Manavgat. Because of his its long involvement in tourism he gained good knowledge of German. Both association chairmen are connected by their social commitment and awareness as well as their central concern, the German-Turkish friendship. For over 30 years Güngör Karaca has been working for foreigners.

He helped them with obtaining travel documents, administrative procedures, hiring craftsmen and more. In recent years he often gained support by Petra Ottmann. Recently they decided to found the club GEM. The main objective of the club is to provide foreigners in Turkey a carefree and contented life. At the same time GEMder aims to bring people of all nations together and support international relations. This should be realized by helping with everyday life problems as well as common social and cultural projects.

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Our Vision

GEM DernekContact person

Güngör Karaca
Board member
I was born in Manavgat in 1965 and finished both my primary and secondary education there. Lately I received a bachelor’s degree in economic sciences from the Anadolu University in Antalya.
Petra Ottmann
Vice President
I was born in Bochum (Germany) in 1955 and completed secondary school in Wattenscheid by passing the university entrance diploma.

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