Manavgat is a town and district of the Antalya Province in Turkey, 72 km (45 mi) from the city of Antalya. The Manavgat River has a waterfall near the town.


With 64 kilometres (40 mi) of hot, sunny coastline, much of it sandy beaches, with a long river and the waterfall, well-protected countryside including mountains and forests, Manavgat has an important tourist industry. There is plenty of accommodation on the coastline and many places to explore including historical sites, rivers, streams and caves. And there is the sea itself including the odd experience of swimming from fresh water into the salt sea at the rivermouth. Predictably the cuisine includes fish from the Mediterranean.

The villages of Kumköy and Ilıca on the coast are particularly lively.

Places of interest

Köprülü Canyon – in the middle of a forested national park; the canyon is popular for river-rafting.
The antique cities of:
Side, with its theatre and port.
Seleucia (Pamphylia) – visited by Alexander the Great
Manavgat Waterfall, and another smaller waterfall on the river.
Oymapinar Dam
Tilkiler Cave