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SendungsverfolgungPTT Kargo

To track your shipment, please click on the “PTT” logo below.
Then enter your tracking number (Barkod Numarası) and the security code (Güvenlik Kodu).


To get information on your water bill and to pay it, please click on the “ASAT” logo below. After that, select the city (Abone Ilçe/Belde) and enter your subscription number (note: please allow popups).


To get information on your electricity bill and to pay it, please click on the “CLK-Akdeniz” logo below. Then enter your order number (İşletme kodu) on the left and your subscription number on the right.

Of course we also help you with getting an overview of your bills and paying them. Just visit us in our office!


Questions concerning medical care and help in case of illness

Do you have to visit a doctor or go to the hospital? Or do you want to get a Turkish health insurance?

Paying taxes

Do you have regular payments such as property or vehicle taxes, or telephone, internet, electricity and water bills?

Dealing with public authorities and offices

If you have problems with Turkish public authorities or offices, just describe your situation and we will try our best to help you.

Inheritance matters and cases of death

We support you and your relatives with all questions regarding inheritance in Turkey.


You want to open a bank account in Turkey? No problem.


No matter if you want to insure your property or your health, we help you protecting yourself against risks while staying in Turkey.

Contracts and powers of attorney

If you want to grant someone a power of attorney or make a contract in Turkish, we assist you with translations and notary authentication of your documents.

Lease agreements

If you want to rent a house or give it for rent you should always make a contract.

Electricity, water, telephone and internet

Normally it is unproblematic for foreigners to register water, electricity, telephone and internet.

Real estate acquisition

Generally foreigners are allowed to buy property in Turkey.


If you want to buy or register a vehicle we would like to help you.

Passport matters

We assist you with all necessary issues at your consulate.


You are allowed to stay in Turkey for 90 days (not 3 months) within a 180-day period.

Social activities

Short trips

Turkey is a very large and beautiful country. Unfortunately a lot of people have only visited the coastal areas so far.

Hiking tours and excursions

Hiking tours in the Taurus Mountains or excursions to near located sights and beauties of nature in a small group led by an experienced guide can be an enriching experience.

Visits of museums, exhibitions and organisations of all kinds

A lot of our members would like to visit museums, archeological sites, exhibitions and festivals of all kinds.


To gain better insight into different areas of Turkish lives we want to offer or members courses.

Celebrations and parties

Small or big parties, birthday celebrations, weddings, engagement parties or anniversaries, we’ll help you with organizing your event.