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You are allowed to stay in Turkey for 90 days (not 3 months) within a 180-day period.  It doesn’t matter whether you stay without interruption or come and go several times. If the 90 days limit is reached, you have to leave the country and wait for another 90 days until you can enter again. For most of the tourists, this practice is sufficient. However, if you want to stay longer than that, you will have to get a residence permission called Ikamet. The Ikamet is normally issued for one year and the application has to be made at the immigration office. To get Ikamet you need:

  1. Reisepass

    A passport that is at least valid until the expiry date of the applied Ikamet

  2. Nachweis einer Krankenversicherung

    People under the age of 65 need a proof of health insurance

  3. Mietverhältnis

    Proof of either a lease agreement or home ownership

  4. Sicherung des Lebensunterhalts

    Proof regarding sufficient material resources for the duration of the stay (at least 500$ per month)

  5. Passbilder

    Passport sized photographs

The costs for the Ikamet are calculated according to your country of origin



No matter if you want to insure your property or your health, we help you protecting yourself against risks while staying in Turkey.

Celebrations and parties

Small or big parties, birthday celebrations, weddings, engagement parties or anniversaries, we’ll help you with organizing your event.

Electricity, water, telephone and internet

Normally it is unproblematic for foreigners to register water, electricity, telephone and internet.

Hiking tours and excursions

Hiking tours in the Taurus Mountains or excursions to near located sights and beauties of nature in a small group led by an experienced guide can be an enriching experience.


If you want to buy or register a vehicle we would like to help you.

Visits of museums, exhibitions and organisations of all kinds

A lot of our members would like to visit museums, archeological sites, exhibitions and festivals of all kinds.

Your contact person

Petra Ottmann
Vice President
I was born in Bochum (Germany) in 1955 and completed secondary school in Wattenscheid by passing the university entrance diploma.


GEMder offers help with all questions regarding Ikamet application. Feel free to visit us or contact us.

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