Petra Ottmann

I was born in Bochum (Germany) in 1955 and completed secondary school in Wattenscheid by passing the university entrance diploma. Even in my younger days I was very committed to social activities like organizing and accompanying leisure trips for children and teenagers.

In 1974 I started studying special pedagogy with focus on learning and behavioral disorders at the pedagogical university in Dortmund. After finishing my clerkship at a special school in Bochum and my second state examination in 1981, I started working at a special needs school in Bielefeld and moved to the town of Herford. Because of a hereditary heavy migraine I had to quit my job in 2000. Subsequently I searched for a place where I could lead a calmer and more relaxed life and found Turkey. Over time I learned the language and was able to adapt better and better to everyday live. I also got involved in social and cultural activities again and tried to contribute to the Turkish-German friendship. The town twinning between Herford and Manavgat in 2007 was initiated by Güngör Karaca, Ali Keleş, Can Ayhan Aydin, who died too early in 2013, and me.

Currently I am volunteering for GEMder and coordinating the tasks as far as my health permits.

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